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Add a Little Heat To Your Dish

Deep in the heart of the South Louisiana's bayou country, Cajun Chef seasonings are still made from time honored, traditional family recipes using only the finest spices and peppers. Taste the flavor of Cajun Chef's Cayenne Hot Sauce, made from choice vine-ripened cayenne peppers. For full-bodied flavors without too much heat, try Cajun Chef's gourmet Green Hot Sauce. It's made from the same select peppers, picked while still green for the fullest flavor. Or try Cajun Chef's Cayenne Red pepper on poultry, beef or seafood. It's perfect for shrimp, crabs and crawfish cooked Cajun style! And our vine-ripened Green Tabasco Peppers in specially-seasoned vinegar will spice up any vegetable. (Great for bringing canned or frozen vegetables to life!) Round out your spice rack with our other fine seasonings. And turn up the taste with Cajun Chef and give your customers the Cajun Food flavor that will keep your cash register ringing.