About Us

Our Grandfather Edmond Bulliard, the originator of the famous South Louisiana hot sauce, chose the name Evangeline for his product in 1910 when he began to produce it commercially on the banks of the Bayou Teche.

He developed and used only one variety of pepper, which he called cayenne. This pepper has a unique flavor and does not have the extreme heat of other peppers such as habanera, jalapeno or tabasco. Cayenne pepper is the ingredient that makes Louisiana Cajun cooking so famous.

Today in both our Evangeline and Cajun Chef brand hot sauces, we still use the same South Louisiana cayenne peppers as the only pepper ingredient and carefully work from the same time-honored recipes that Edmond Bulliard used some 80 years ago. We do not believe in short cuts and think some things are better left unchanged. We take pride in all of our products, old and new.