Hot Sauce

Cajun Chef invites you to try our complete line of food products, including Cayenne hot sauce, pickled Louisiana peppers, spicy pickled vegetables, Cajun flavored pickles, seasonings, extracts and food colors. You will be delighted by our uniquely flavorful foods, as well as the authentic seasonings that have made Cajun food an established American favorite.

Though we began with just a single product in 1958, Cajun Chef now distributes more than 250 different products through local grocers, institutions and finer restaurants nationwide. Yet, our products remain true to their Cajun heritage, still carefully prepared in St. Martinville, La., to the high standards of quality that are the real benchmark of our success.

Just as important, Cajun Chef continues to expand its product line to supply our customers with the foods their customers want. Among our diverse offerings include a wide range of specialty salad bar items.

There’s no better assurance of quality then consistency. Because Cajun Chef selects the best from major agricultural suppliers year-round, you can be sure of consistent quality and supply.

Cajun Chef invites you to taste what‘s hot –that Cajun flavor. You’ll agree, Cajun Chef is not only deliciously different – it’s decidedly better.